Take Your Best Shot! Eco-Friendly Archery Targets.

The END of plastic in archery targets.

T6 - Targets filled with Twists Eco-Friendly Filler

Twists use the ENDS of recycled Paper Rolls that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. The paper is TWISTED and CUT to form an eco-friendly filler that replaces plastics.

The harder Twists are pushed, the harder they push back, leveraging the natural tensile strength of wood fibres. This ensures that your arrow or bolt will not penetrate the box. Lightweight, easy to carry and six sides featuring three unique target types.

Eliminating harmful polystyrene products that pollute our land and seas is essential. Doing so with a stronger, safer and cheaper target is a major win.

Archery has never been this earth-friendly.

Instead of a solid block of polystyrene foam, we use paper.

Twists™ are made from recycled paper, creating a dense packing material that stops arrows and bolts in their tracks.

Let ‘er fly

Takes hot shots with ease




Durable and versatile.


Let your Twists live again!


6 sides with different targets

Easy Removal

Does not lock in your bolt


Easy to remove arrows


Easy to carry

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Size: 18″ x 18″ x 18″
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Material: cardboard and kraft paper
  • Easy arrow or bolt removal
  • Gentle on your tips
  • Stable even at strong draws

Six sides with three unique targets!

Each shot counts, so get the most out of your target without having it fall apart after 20 pulls.

Filled with twists - Made from 100% recycled paper.

What will you do with twists?